Hunter Corporate Collaborative

When Grace McLean of NFP Connect invited a select group of Hunter businesses to share their community support experiences, she knew there was potential for something big to happen, but she never expected them to establish a collaborative community impact group.

‘The reason for bringing them together was to see how we might be able to address issues and support our community for a greater impact. When they all got into the room together for the first time, they opened up and shared their experiences and knowledge. After a few meetings they started to ask what might it look like if they were to do something together,’ says Grace McLean, CEO of NFP Connect.

The group, now known as the Hunter Corporate Collaborative, an initiative of NFP Connect, now meets every few months, and continues to share their experiences and discuss specific themes and case studies.

‘They all have their own reasons for being part of the group, but all of them have this genuine passion and drive to help their local communities. But it’s really become about how they can all work together to create even more significant and lasting impact. It’s been amazing to watch it all unfold. There’s so much potential,’ says Ms McLean.

When they met in July, the plight of Australian farmers and the severity of the drought was at the forefront of the group’s mind. They decided to scope out a tangible drought relief project and have established a memorandum of understanding and key criteria around what they will and won’t fund.

Port Waratah is one of seven Hunter corporates joining forces for the first time to support the region’s farmers and the combined funds will assist affected farmers along the coal chain in the Upper Hunter.

The project is expected to launch in the Upper Hunter in early 2019.

NFP Connect supports not-for-profit organisations to network, connect with the business community, and provides mentoring opportunities in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

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