Providing technology for students to learn from home

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, the transition to remote learning was swift for our Portside schools.  Many schools required additional technology resources to support their students move to learning from home.

Taking a pro-active approach to assisting our school community in a time of rapid change, Port Waratah reached out to all of the Portside Primary Schools and High Schools with a desire to quickly assist them with the devices, software or other learning from home resources that they required to keep the students on track during a time of great upheaval and disruption to all of our lives.

Very quickly, eight Portside Schools responded to our offer of assistance and were able to quickly purchase the technology they needed.

COVID-19 support was provided to:

  • Newcastle High School
  • San Clemente High School
  • St Peter’s Primary School
  • Newcastle East Public School
  • Carrington Public School
  • Mayfield East Public School
  • St Columban’s Primary School
  • Fern Bay Public School
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